The Best Westie Christmas Ornaments for 2019

These are the ideal ornaments for Westie lovers.


Christmas lovers and Westie enthusiasts: let the countdown begin now. It’s never too early to think about Christmas and time spent with our Westies around the tree. Our editor plans to make her Christmas tree a theme this year: You guessed it, a Westie tree. “I’m an old-school colorful lights Christmas decorator. But this year I’m opting for only white lights and Westie ornaments,” she tells us. Here are a few of her favorites. Get your wish-list started now to get you in the 2019 holiday season groove.

westie christmas ornament

Westie Christmas Ceramic Ornament

Gloss ceramic ornament with your favorite terrier. The back of the ornament is white and can be personalized by you with a paint pen or a permanent marker.

christmas westie

Westie Nutcracker

We love the green uniform and of course head-over-heels for the Westie. Beautiful 3-D quality to its face.

westie Christmas ornament

This Westie Sleighs

This resin ornament is heavier than most. Our editor rests it on top of a branch, rather than hanging. With its felt bottom, it makes a cute figurine for any table or cabinet.

westie christmas ornament

Cosy Wool Westie

100% wool. Handmade by artisans. This is another ornament you can hang or nestle on a branch. We love that it’s wool and hand knit.

westie christmas

Glass Blown Westie

Hand crafted in an age-old tradition with techniques originating in the 1800’s. This Westie is hand painted. We especially love the small pops of glitter as it emits a bit of sparkle under the tree’s lights.

westie christmas ball

Glass Westie

This Westie is ready for Christmas with her/his green Santa hat and red bow. Just make sure you hang it high enough so your real life Westie doesn’t try to knock it off. Comes with a silver cord.

westie christmas ornament

Little Miss Dangling Legs

This ornament is adorable with the Westie’s dangling legs and cuddling a Christmas tree. Hand painted and ready to personalize with a Sharpie.

westie christmas ornament

Westie and Christmas Bandana

Handmade and intricately detailed, this ornament is cast in delicate blown glass. Measures 3″ L x 2″ W x 2″ H. Arrives in a lacquered box. Whether you have a Westie now or lovingly in the past, hang this to for them to be with you every Christmas.

Westie Christmas Ornament

Westie in Tartan Hoodie
Neiman Marcus

Handmade exclusively for Neiman Marucs. This Westie is handcrafted of glass and accented with crystals. Hang it on a branch near lights and watch for twinkles.

Westie Christmas Ornament


Traditional Shatterproof Ball

This is the perfect gift for you or any Westie lover. It’s a quintessential round Christmas ornament, but the cute Westie makes it even more special.

westie christmas ornament

Westie and Candy Canes

This Westie is ready for Christmas and set to adorn your tree. We know in real life, a Westie would never ignore a candy cane. They’d drag it across the floor with spots of red dotting their beard.

westie christmas ornament

Porcelain Round Candy Cane Westie

We love this Westie’s face. Groomed to perfection in the traditional show ring style. Westie Insider knows how much work it takes to strip and maintain a show coat.