Gifts for the Westie Lover

Even though I’ve owned and cared for Westies most of my life, I never collected anything having to do with the breed. However, that changed a few months ago. I suddenly realized I owned very few Westie momentos. Within the span of a few weeks I ordered two car magnets, a Westie iPhone case, and the cutest figurine from eBay. I’ve never been the sort that owned collectables, but in 2019 I plan to add to my one Westie figurine – perhaps I’ll slowly build a collection. There is something cute about these small, but detailed figurines. Some may call these small objects and curios bric-a-brac, but I consider them cute additions to a home that’s full of Westie love.

Westie Insider chose a few gifts for Westie lovers. You don’t have to own a Westie to adore them. Who wouldn’t want to stare at a cute Westie face on a mug as you sip your morning coffee?

Westie Coffee Cup

Westie Coffee Mug


The cutest face for sipping morning coffee.

Westie Sign

Westie Boulevard Sign

It’s a little gimmicky, but I still like it. Westies rule the roost, so it makes sense they have their own boulevard. This would be cute on the wall above my Westie’s feeding station.

Westie Oven Mitt

Westie Oven Mitt

The perfect oven mitt as my Westie likes to watch me cook and bake. I love the colorways used on this design. The artist who created the print did a great job on the Westie face itself – so many get it wrong.

Westie Bone Shaped Treat Jar

Tired of fighting with the zip lock on your Westie’s treat bag? Me, too. This easy-to-open treat jar is on our list.

westie wine glass

Westie Wine Glass

Westies and wine, they go well together. Often I want to have a glass of red, pet my Westie and have no other interruptions. This beautiful wine glass is made and engraved in the USA.

Westie standing up

West Highland Sitting up Figurine

Measuring 4 inches tall, this is the perfect addition to your Westie collection. Per Amazon reviews, it arrives in a gift box.

Westie Salt and Pepper Shakers

The almost too cute to use Westie salt and pepper shakers. Perfect for any tabletop or kitchen.

Enamel Westies

Enamel Westie Trinket Box

This enamel Westie opens to holds rings or small keepsakes. You can also keep it on your nightstand, or anywhere, to hold medicine. I’d use it to hold my sleeping aids. 😴

westie in a teacup

Miniature Westie in a Teacup

A Westie in a teacup? Yes, please! This particular figurine is cheeky and endearing. I could imagine a few Westies trying this in real life – providing there was a big enough teacup.

westie in flowers

Porcelain Westie on Basket of Flowers

This is an expensive figurine by Lladró. The amount of detail, including the Westie, is superb. This would display beautifully on a small mirrored tray.

Pop Art Wallet

Saffiano, snap closure Westie wallet by Marc Tetro. This hand illustrated wallet is roomy – fits cards, cash, and keys.

Westie Diary

2019 Westie Diary

We never tire of Harrods’ Westie products. If you order this now as a gift, it probably won’t arrive until after Christmas. Worth the wait! Everyone’s new diary should have a Westie on it.