This is Westie Insider. Welcome!

This is Westie Insider. Welcome!

This space exists as a source for all things Westie. Our team has owned Westies most of our lives and we are brimming with topics to discuss.

We plan to write about serious subjects such as caring for a diabetic Westie, interviewing some of our favorite holistic vets, to discussing behavior issues, and in-depth product reviews and recommendations. Our goal is to dive into and write about Westie issues to give you, the reader, perhaps new ideas to add to what you already know. Of course, we plan to sprinkle in cute pictures and funny videos.

Westies aren’t the most relaxed dogs to raise, and we don’t hide that fact. Behavior modifications and training are critical for a well-balanced Westie. We will be incredibly blunt in writing about some of the issues we have dealt with over the years. Some West Highland White Terriers have attitude problems, while others may develop health complications. Our beloved Westies deserve the best chance to go through life in the happiest and healthiest manner. It’s up to us, the owners, to make sure they are on a positive, strong path throughout their journey here on earth. It seems as if you blink and a Westie goes from energetic puppy to calmer adult, and with each new addition (terrier) over the years, it’s a lifetime of learning through experiences.

At Westie Insider, we hope to share our many years’ experience and hope you chime in with yours as well. Everyone is welcome to weigh-in. Westie Insider does not claim to be experts – we aren’t. We know what it’s like to throw all of your time and wherewithal behind a sick dog or a new puppy going through a particularly tough adolescence.

We are not veterinarians. Always run any questions and suggestions by your veterinarian.